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Gang Using Rare Drug to Turn Victims Into ‘Zombies’ – This Is REAL!


Here’s a troubling story that will make you think twice before stepping out to do a bit of shopping in the city.

In testimony provided during an ongoing trial in France, a gang of Chinese thieves have been accused of blowing a notorious drug called “Devil’s Breath” into the faces of unsuspecting victims they found on the streets of Paris.

In large doses, Devil’s Breath is fatal. But in smaller amounts, the drug turns victims into “zombies.”

No, that doesn’t mean that the victims started biting chunks out of one another, but it does mean that they lost their free will and¬†were highly¬†susceptible to persuasion.

Both the CIA and the KGB have been rumored to use Devil’s Breath during interrogations.

The Chinese gang took advantage of their victim’s trance-like state by persuading them to hand over all their cash. And the gang apparently had no fear of ever being caught – Devil’s Breath, you see, causes short-term amnesia, meaning the victims could not recall how they lost their money.

Thankfully, the long arm of the law finally caught up with this gang, though there’s no word yet on when the verdict will be reached in the trail.

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H/T: International Business Times