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Garth Brooks Stops Show for Cancer Patient – Incredibly Powerful and Touching

Garth Brooks

Cancer patient Teresa Shaw will never forget the night she saw Garth Brooks in Minneapolis. She attended the concert holding a sign that said “Chemo Today, Garth Tonight, Enjoying the Dance.”

When Garth Brooks saw Teresa holding the sign as he performed one of his most popular songs, “The Dance,” he stopped the show, brought Teresa on stage, and gave her the guitar off his back.

Watch the whole thing here (skip to 3:10 in the video for the good stuff):


Garth Brooks definitely knows the pains of cancer, having lost both his mother and his sister to the disease. After the song, he held the sign and said: “God just stuck his hand out and wrote this… You have all my strength, you have everybody’s strength in here and you go kick cancer’s ass!”

Here’s a picture of Teresa holding Garth’s guitar with her daughter Elizabeth:

garth brooks dance 2