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NY Times Issues The FUNNIEST Correction EVER- They’re Clueless!

Gary Johnson

Isn’t it great when the liberal media attacks someone and makes themselves look like idiots in the process?

The New York Times rightly reported on a hilarious gaffe that Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson suffered during an appearance on MSNBC. He was asked what he would do in Aleppo (in Syria) if elected. He looked puzzled, replying “and what is Aleppo?” For anyone who didn’t know (and shouldn’t feel guilty over not knowing – as you’re not running for president), Aleppo is a city in Syria that’s the core of the refugee crisis, as it’s been under extreme military conflict since 2012.

An embarrassing gaffe, nonetheless. But even funnier was the NY Times’ gaffe when reporting on the incident. As it turns out, in their story titled “‘What Is Aleppo?’ Gary Johnson Asks, in an Interview Stumble,” they revealed that they too don’t know what Aleppo is. Scroll to the end of their article you’ll see two corrections to the article. As it turns out – they had to issue a correction…. and then a correction to their correction.


In other news, following the gaffe, Johnson’s odds of becoming the next President decreased from 0% to 0%.

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