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Presidential Opponent Makes SHOCKING Claim About Trump

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is gaining a bit of momentum this election cycle. Both major party nominees are universally disliked and many Americans want an alternative. There have been futile third-party attempts but the only one to get anywhere is Libertarian nominee former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. Johnson has made a few media appearances to get himself out there. But his latest statement about Donald Trump is certain to gain him a lot more attention. Both good and bad.

Via The Hill:

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is calling Donald Trump’s comments about a U.S. district judge and undocumented immigrants racist.

“When it comes to Mexican immigrants — and that he would call immigrants from Mexico murderers and rapists — look, that’s just not true,” Johnson said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday.
“The stuff he is saying is just incendiary,” said the former New Mexico governor.

“Incendiary, but you think he himself is racist?” asked host Brianna Keilar.

“Based on his statements, clearly,” Johnson said.

Wow. Really Gary? That’s a bit extreme. Is Trump racist for telling the truth about Islam and immigration? More PC garbage. I like most of your policy positions, but I disagree with the name calling!

What do you think? Is Gary Johnson out of line here?


Comments on “Presidential Opponent Makes SHOCKING Claim About Trump”

  1. George says:

    Gary Johnson is a zero in politics. How is he going to get out of a line, he was never in?