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When Gawker Published Trump’s Phone Number, They Should Have Known He’d Have the Last Laugh!


Gawker thought they were being cute and clever when they decided to publish Donald Trump’s personal cell phone number. It was a clear response to Trump having given out rival Lindsay Graham’s number last month.

You can practically hear the juvenile snickering behind the screen as the author and editors at Gawker wrote:

Since Trump, in his considered political judgment, has decided that opening up a direct, personal channel of communications between his supporters and his primary opponents is a noble campaign tactic, we think it’s only fair and right that Republican primary voters be able to reach out to Trump himself. If it is the case—as Trump’s release of Graham’s number implicitly argues—that our political discourse improves when voters can ring up candidates on their private cell phones, then we are happy to add Trump’s cell phone number to the body of public knowledge. You can reach Donald Trump at 917-756-8000.

Tee hee.

Trump wasn’t about to let public use of his cell phone get him down. Instead, he took the entrepreneurial spirit that made him who he is today and turned Gawker’s efforts into a positive.

The phone number is now a campaign message.

Via the Verge:

How do you troll the richest troll in America? Yesterday afternoon, Gawker published Donald Trump’s cellphone number, giving the public the ability to question his policy proposals, tell him off for using brash rhetoric, or just pitch him on a business idea. It seemed like fitting payback after Trump gave out the cellphone number of Senator Lindsey Graham, who proceeded to destroy his phone in a publicity stunt. Now Trump is spinning Gawker‘s story into a publicity stunt of his own. He’s started tweeting out the number, which has been set up to play a recorded message in which Trump tries to get you to follow him on Twitter:

Hi, this is Donald Trump and I’m running for the presidency of the United States of America. With your help and support, together we can make America truly great again. Visit me on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump, and visit my campaign website at www.donaldtrump.com. Hope to see you on the campaign trail. We’re going to do it.

Trump couldn’t help but take to social media and rub it in Gawker’s collective faces.

Trump 1, Gawker 0.

Trump is living up to his campaign slogan, making America great again by making liberal media shills run away with their tail between their legs.

Comment: What do you think of Donald Trump turning Gawker’s juvenile tactics into a campaign message?




  1. Jane says:

    I LOVE IT! They attack and he wins. Over and Over and Over again.

  2. La says:

    Trump is the most creative, quick witted and one of the 3 smartest running for President this time around. He’s going to win. If you don’t realize how smart and well thought out his campaign is, read his two books written about his ideas to bring America back.

    Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again

    The America We Deserve