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Gay Baker Goes Off About Christian Bakers Refusing Lesbian Couple… But It’s Not What You Think!


Owners of the Sweetcakes by Melissa bakery, Aaron and Melissa Klein, the business imposed with a $135,000 fine for not baking a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, have a new defender of their rights – a fellow baker who also happens to be gay.

Via The Blaze (H/T Allen West):

A gay baker and chef has come out in support of Christian bakers who have come under fire for refusing to make same-sex wedding cakes, labeling those individuals and activists who are trying to force them to do so as ”Nazis” who are using “bullying” tactics.

Jesse Bartholomew uploaded a two-minute video to his Facebook page earlier this month, expressing his frustration with some of his fellow gays and lesbians who have gone after bakers who decline to make cakes for gay ceremonies.

The clip came just days after it was announced that Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweetcakes by Melissa, would be fined $135,000 for refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

Bartholomew says that he can’t believe people in the gay community would “stoop so low as to force someone to bake a cake for them who simply doesn’t agree with them.”

“They don’t have to bake a cake for you,” he added.

There is apparently somebody in the gay community who understands that religious freedom is separate from the demands of the LGBT community. Who would have thought that?

Bartholomew then goes on to ask the obvious question for those who demand a particular baker cave to their demands, “There’s no other bakers out there?”

Of course there are other bakers, but that wouldn’t allow these couples to make a quick cash grab through a lawsuit, and it wouldn’t get their names plastered all over the media so they can complain about their ‘civil right’ to a gay wedding cake.

Bartholomew concludes, “… you are bullying someone, you are forcing someone, you are being a Nazi and forcing someone to bake a damn wedding cake for you when there are hundreds of other gays and lesbians that would gladly have your business. Shame on you.”

Watch the baker’s rant below…

Comment – Share your thoughts on Bartholomew’s rant below. What do you think of a member of the gay community coming out so strongly for religious freedom?




  1. BJ says:

    I would give this guy my business. Why? He understands what freedom of association and freedom of religion is. HE ROCKS!!!!!

  2. James says:

    He hit it right on the nose. It is about time people start recognizing that you do not have the right to bully someone whose opinion differs from yours,

  3. Dawn says:

    He’s right on target. It wasn’t about a cake. It was about deep pockets. The ruling in this case was totally bad. As a previous business owner, I had the right to refuse service/sales to anyone. There were occasions that I exercised that right.

  4. Jeff says:

    Bravo, not because he’s gay, but because he uses common sense and is a caring person.

  5. Pat says:

    Finally, a good, solid, common-sense reaction from someone in the LGBT community, denouncing these Get-Rich-Quick schemes! These “business discrimination” lawsuits have nothing to do with love, romance, beautiful weddings, or anything like that. They are not even about not being able to get appropriate services for a wedding; as the speaker says, “Aren’t there other bakers out there?” The Lawsuits are about hate-filled, bullying punishment for people who do not agree with AND joyously celebrate their opinions! Thank You, Bartholomew Sir!