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Is George Bush Secretly Helping Illegal Immigrants?!


Is former President George W. Bush secretly helping illegal immigrants at the same time the two leading candidates for the Republican nomination are vowing to crack down on illegal immigration?

Well, a new report seems to point towards yes, as a banking program implemented by the former president actually helps illegal immigrants send money back to Mexico! Donald Trump has just said he wants to end this practice but it looks like Bush is partly to blame for this program!

From Breitbart:

Judicial Watch, a public interest law-firm, highlighted the “Directo a Mexico” program that was launched by the Federal Reserve back in 2006.

“The goal,” the watchdog group wrote, “was to provide low-cost banking services to illegal immigrants and facilitate the process for those sending money home. Remittances are transferred through the Federal Reserve’s own automated clearinghouse linked directly to Mexico’s central bank (Banco de Mexico).”

According to Judicial Watch, the program was created by George W. Bush on the heels of the 2001 U.S.-Mexico Partnership for Prosperity initiative.

The program, though, was directly geared to undermine immigration laws and, as Judicial Watch notes, “is a potential national security nightmare.”

Donald Trump has claimed most of the $25 billion sent out of the country every year is sent by illegal immigrants and even back in 2001 Federal Reserve officials admitted that such remittances were sent out mostly by illegals.

As the Bush-era brochure aimed at helping illegals learn about the program noted, even if an illegal is arrested and/or deported their bank accounts are safe from confiscation. “The money still belongs to you and can easily be accessed at an ATM in Mexico using your debit card,” the brochure insisted.

Judicial Watch is reacquainting the nation with this program, they say, to balance the reporting on the issue because the media has “omitted this information” in its reporting on Trump’s policy proposal.

Trump has suggested that as president he’d look into putting a halt to foreign remittances until Mexico ponies the up to $10 billion need to help pay for building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Given this new revelation, does your opinion of President Bush change? Should America prevent illegal immigrants from sending money back to Mexico? Share your thoughts below!