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George W. Bush Gives Back to the Veterans Who Carried Out His Orders


While some of us may be more militaristicly inclined than others, I don’t think there’s anyone out there who could seriously be described as “pro-war.” War is hell – but sometimes the alternative is much worse.

Even as he sent our troops to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq, former President George W. Bush recognized this. He gave up golfing in 2003 “in solidarity” with the families of soldiers who were dying in Iraq, concluding that it was “just not worth it anymore” to play the sport in a time of war. Oh – and he didn’t even tell the public that he had given up the sport until 2008.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Obama did the same? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves….

Even after he’s out of office, Bush is continuing to honor the fallen.

Bush has revealed a keen interest in portraiture involving the very same people he once sent into battle.

An image of the former President painting the image of a returned serviceman was posted his official Instagram account yesterday to commemorate Veterans Day.

“Over the past several months, I’ve painted the portraits of 98 wounded warriors I’ve gotten to know — remarkable men and women who were injured carrying out my orders,” the post’s caption reads.

The mea culpa is followed by a plug for an upcoming book and special exhibit, Portraits of Courage, expected to be launched in spring 2017 — the proceeds of which will be donated to the George W. Bush Presidential Center and the Military Service Initiative.

"Over the past several months, I've painted the portraits of 98 wounded warriors I've gotten to know - remarkable men and women who were injured carrying out my orders." (Instagram/georgewbush)http-_prod-static9-net-au___media_2016_11_13_08_39_121116_bush-ashx

Wouldn’t it be nice if all our Presidents shared this kind of respect for the men and women in our armed forces?

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