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George W. Bush Surprised A Former Employee In A Way They NEVER EXPECTED


Current Fox News pundit Dana Perino is a class act. She gracefully explains conservative views and does her job well. She became famous as the spokeswoman for President George W. Bush’s White House, which is the topic of her new book. And at a recent function, Bush gave her a surprise that she’ll never forget:

Fox News’ Dana Perino got a big surprise from her former boss Tuesday night, when the nation’s 43rd president showed up to deliver a personal introduction at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

Perino, a press secretary in the Bush White House, was on hand to discuss her book “And The Good News Is: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side.” Bush was on hand to do the honors.

“I got to know her quite well. I asked her to take a difficult job, which is defending me,” Bush said to laughter.

“She had to put a bright face on [things] and dealing with a pretty aggressive group of individuals. And we want them to be aggressive, we want there to be a free vibrant press corps to hold people like me to account, and her job was to — interface with them on a daily basis.”

The former president said she did a fantastic job and he is proud to be associated with her.

“The name of her book is ‘And The Good News Is,’ that’s an interesting title isn’t it?” Bush asked before sarcastically naming other titles the book could have had. “‘Oh, What a Miserable Job I Had’ or ‘I Can’t Believe the Guy Asked Me to Do This.’”

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Here is video filmed at the event:

This is awesome! Bush is 100% class, and is humble with self-deprecating humor. He is thoughtful and kind to his former employee and we love this surprise.

Do you miss George W. Bush in the White House? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.



  1. Char says:

    Miss him more every day of this abominable administration. I can’t believe what has happened to us since he left office. President Bush and Laura were a class act. While I didn’t always agree I never doubtd is love of this country like I do now with the current occupants of the White House.. He was the real deal……no photo ops with the troops…..he sincerely showed his love and appreciation for them. He didn’t pillory the national treasury entertaining his friends, taking extravagant vacations and then complain about how hard and restrictive it is to live in the “People’s House”! He appreciated those who worked for him and the military. He knew who they were and cared about them and their families. We are a far cry from that today. With all the insults, defamation and attacks from the left he always acted like a gentleman, unlike the current occupant of the White house. Civility is gone, honesty is gone, propriety is gone, true love of country is gone and division, lies, blame, obfuscation and white hatred are the plan of the day. It is a sad time in America.

  2. Pamela says:

    I am his biggest fan! even more so than Dana!!! I wish he was President right now. When I hear people smear him I feel murderous !!! but what I hate more than ever is when this obummer lies and cheats and uses thuggery to get what he wants all the talking heads and demo-rats (specially) will say all presidents lie!!! I start screaming NO they do not President Bush NEVER lied

  3. Steve says:

    George Bush was and is great unlike the guy we have now. Bring back the Bush’s.

  4. Kevin says:

    Nobody is going to love everything a president does. But I had no Idea how much having the current regime would make me beg for George. When the “president” is on tv I cringed and am usually embarrassed by his comments or concerned for what freedom he’ll go after next. I never felt that way with Bush. And yes Bush’s were a class act. The present regime I really can’t say much positive.

  5. K Michel says:

    Miss George and Laura Bush more than words can express.

  6. Stan says:

    Great Americans, God bless George and Laura .

    at least they loved America and the military.

  7. Mary says:

    Yes I miss President Bush and Laura also.

  8. Brian says:

    The answer is not ‘YES’ but ‘HE11 YES’.

    What has happened to this country in the past six years is extremely disappointing and upsetting. I only hope that people come to their senses and realize that if things don’t change soon, the America we knew and loved will be gone for ever. Wake up America!!!.

  9. Shirley says:

    Yes… both Geo W and Laura were a- great representing our country. Still are. Honorable. Kind. Loved our country and people. If he was talking I felt we could trust him. We were not the giant sewer that Obumo and buddy Geo Soros has turned this into.