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George Will Reveals Obama’s Plan to Combat ISIS

What could possibly lead an accomplished journalist such as George Will to look like this on air?


Will was left repeatedly, in a short amount of time, holding his head in dismay as he discussed current events on Fox News. Why? Will was reading off President Obama’s plan to combat Islamic State terrorists.

And here it is …

Administration Member:  “The only way to compete is by aggregating, curating, and amplifying existing content.”

Will translated – “We are going to inundate ISIS with tweets it turns out from 350 State Department accounts.”

He isn’t kidding.

Will was reading from a New York Times report, quoting Obama’s Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy.

Watch the confounded and confused journalist below…

Will went on to quote the Assistant Secretary of State who said, “The new campaign against the Islamic State would carry out strategies now routinely employed by many businesses and individuals to elevate their digital footprint.”

Will responded mockingly, “No boots on the ground, but digital footprints.”

The final statement by Will came from the same administration official saying, “These guys (ISIS) aren’t Buzzfeed, they’re not invincible in social media.”

He commented, “We’re not fighting anything as formidable as Buzzfeed, you’ll be glad to know.”

The series of administrative statements comes in stark contrast when you factor in the topic leading into Will’s statements – a question about 45 people being burned to death by the terror organization in Al-Baghdadi.

Can you believe this is how our President honestly believes we can combat terrorism – through social media? What say you?