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I Can’t Believe This Major University Just Dropped This Liberal Agenda Bombshell!

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Georgetown back in the 1980s and early 90s was my college basketball team of choice. They meant something special to me as they were kings of the NCAA world and they were dominate. Things have changed over the years, and this new declaration is nothing I want to be a part of.

Georgetown will now actively recruit descendants of slaves and give them priority over qualified students to attend the university.

Is there any single group more racist than liberals? They preach tolerance and inclusion yet at EVERY turn they separate Americans with one category or one label or another.

Those excluded from this priority will probably go elsewhere, even if they have to pay higher tuition. It’ll probably have negative consequences they haven’t yet considered. Honestly, what non-priority student would attend if they can go elsewhere?

From Associated Press:

“We must acknowledge that Georgetown University participated in the institution of slavery,” DeGioia said at a campus gathering on Thursday. “There were slaves here on this hilltop until emancipation in 1862.”

In 1838, two priests who served as president of the university orchestrated the sale of 272 men, women and children for $115,000, or roughly $3.3 million in today’s dollars, to pay off debts at the school. The slaves were sent from Jesuit plantations in Maryland to Louisiana, “where they labored under dreadful conditions,” and families were broken up, according to a report issued by the school committee.

The transaction was one of the most thoroughly documented large sales of enslaved people in history, and the names of many of the people sold are included in bills of sale, a transport manifest and other documents. Genealogical research conducted by Georgetown and other organizations, including The New York Times, has identified many living descendants of the slaves.

The university will reach out to those descendants and recruit them to the university, and they will have the same advantage in admissions that’s given to people whose parents or grandparents attended Georgetown, DeGioia said. Universities around the United States have taken various attempts to atone for their participation in slavery, but several historians said the establishment of an admissions preference is unprecedented.

“We provide care and respect for the members of the Georgetown community: faculty, staff, alumni, those with an enduring relationship with Georgetown. We will provide the same care and respect to the descendants,” DeGioia said.

This isĀ America in decline.

We had a good run but fell asleep somewhere along the way. We let communists and SJWs seize control on the educational institutions and media. They’ll eventually destroy it.

Because there are so few people who have slave descendants this will be a great PR move but will cost them next to nothing.

I want to hear what you think about this new standard Georgetown University is implementing. Do you think it’s a smart move? Will they get the results they are expecting? Share your voices below in the comment section and let us know what you think.


Comments on “I Can’t Believe This Major University Just Dropped This Liberal Agenda Bombshell!”

  1. tngrandpa says:

    The place is run by a bunch of hippie DimocRAT Libtards. What did you expect?