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Georgia Teen Says THIS About Trump On Social Media. Then The Police Were Called!


The Media has been trying their hardest to frame Trump as an instigator of violence at his rallies.

But we know the opposite is true, it is the Left that is fueling the rage and violence going on at his rallies!

Many on the left can’t handle what Trump has to say, and are being driven to extreme measures.

Sometimes they take things a bit too far.

Via Breitbart
Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith said Friday that a 15-year-old boy was arrested. His arrest is the second announced this week in the state after a 16-year-old in Troup County was arrested for making an alleged death threat toward Trump on social media.

The teens’ names haven’t been released and neither have the nature of their alleged threats.

Smith says the 15-year-old boy is charged with terroristic threats and acts. The death threat was reported to the FBI Hotline, who forwarded the information onto the U.S. Secret Service and Meriwether authorities.

The 15-year-old boy is being held at the Columbus Regional Youth Detention Center pending a hearing in juvenile court.

I’m sure the teens hadn’t the means or real motivation to actually harm Donald Trump. But you can’t take any threat lightly in today’s intense, divisive climate.
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Comments on “Georgia Teen Says THIS About Trump On Social Media. Then The Police Were Called!”

  1. Tony says:

    Rubio and his people break the scandal on Cruz and Trump gets blamed? Typical establishment politics and the reason I’m voting for Trump.