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BREAKING NEWS: Massive Explosion In Government Building!

German explosion

We are just getting reports that a massive explosion has occurred in a government office for migrants in the German town of Zirndorf, which is located in northern Bavaria.

The Sun reports that the device used to detonate the bomb was a suitcase.

Also from Express:

German media said the explosion occurred at the Federal Office for Migration in Zirndorf, Bavaria, where newly arrived refugees are processed.

According to media reports, a suitcase packed with highly flammable aerosol cannisters was detonated inside or near the building.

Witnesses reported how people fled the scene in panic as a huge bang ripped through the quiet neighbourhood. It is not yet known whether there are any casualties.

Bavaria, in southern Germany, has been the entry route for more than a million migrants and refugees who have flooded into the country over the last 18 months.

Many have been settled in small towns across the region, with most being housed in reception centres at first before being found more permanent accommodation.

Germany has been on edge following a spate of Islamist inspired terror attacks over the last week, including an axe attack on a train and a suicide bombing at a music festival.

Last Friday a German-Iranian gunman went on the rampage in the Bavaria’s biggest city, Munich, shooting crowds at a shopping centre before turning the gun on himself.

This is a breaking news story so please stay with Headline Politics for any updates as they come in.