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Muslim Refugees Destroy German Immigration Center…America Is NEXT!


One strike and you are out! That would be the law in my nation if I were a leader. In the video below, refugees decided to go nuts on a registration center.

These guys are not going to add anything to society except violence; immigration needs to contribute positively to the country they have been given a 2nd.

These people can not live in a civilised western culture. They don’t have the mentality and have not evolved. Send them back and don’t allow any more. They have no respect for us at all.


From Daily Mail:

A brutal punch-up between asylum seekers has been captured on video at a registration centre in Germany.

Chairs were smashed over heads; punches were thrown, and people kicked as the room was wrecked while police rush to the scene in the city of Dortmund in the west of the country, to try to regain order.

One man in a blue shirt can be seen attacking a defenceless victim who has been severely hurt and is currently in the hospital.

The brawl broke out in the registration centre on Huckarder Strasse on Tuesday and video was posted online shortly afterwards on Facebook.

Police are so far at a loss to explain the eruption of violence which comes at a tense time in Germany.

The government of Chancellor Angela Merkel is under increasing pressure to both reduce refugee numbers and vet the bona fides of those already in the country following a week of violence that saw a migrant attack people on a train and another blow himself up in the town of Ansbach.

Police said the fight involved men and women aged between 14 to 37.

A spokesman said: ‘The fight broke out in the waiting room at the facility. It began as a verbal affair but escalated quickly into violence. Chairs were the main weapon used.’

A total of five people needed medical treatment.

Don’t worry, according to the liberals you can defeat this barbaric ideology with love. Let me clue you in on a few things; evil has never been defeated with love.

Don’t believe me? Was Genghis Khan defeated with love? Was Hitler defeated by love? Was Napoleon defeated by love? How about Saddam Hussein? No all evil is defeated by death and him quicker you lay the smack down on the perpetrator, the better.

Hey Germany, you can’t love your way out of the mess Merkel has put you in, you need to remove her as your leader immediately!

Can you imagine if this happened over in our country? Do you think American citizens would allow this or would there be an uprising against such a display? Share your voices below in the comment section and let us know what you think.