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Axe-Wielding Refugee Attacker Hid a Dark Secret in his Apartment (LOOK)

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Open up the floodgates to refugees they said, it’ll be great, they said.

Germany believed the hype, and they’ve welcomed in more than two million refugees. That amounts to roughly 2.5% of the German population. If the US were to take in the same number of refugees relative to population, we’d be bringing in over 7.5 million refugees.

Thus, it’s pretty obvious that the consequences of allowing in refugees would be visible in Germany – and they sure are. Refugees committed more than 200,000 crimes in Germany last year. But that’s misleading, as only solved crimes are counted in the statistics. The actual number is estimated at exceeding 400,000 by the Gatestone Institute.

A mass murder was attempted in Germany, and guess who caused it?

Monday night a 17-year-old boarded a train in Würzburg, Germany and attacked passengers with an axe. Deutsche Welle reports:

Three people were seriously injured and a fourth suffered light injuries. Another 14 people were reportedly held up in the train.

According to Bavaria’s Interior Ministry, a 17-year-old Afghan shouted “Allahu Akbar” before launching the attack using a knife and axe. The suspect was shot dead by police as he attempted to flee the scene.

Officials said the attacker was a 17-year-old Afghan boy who was an unaccompanied refugee. They did not say whether they believed the attack was terror-related.

Now we know the attack WAS terror-related:

The Guardian also reports that the terrorist had an Islamic State (ISIS) flag in his apartment:

An Islamic State flag has been found in the room of an Afghan teenager accused of carrying out an axe attack on a train in northern Bavaria, according to German officials.

Of course, this is Germany, so they’ll probably be more likely to call for axe control than refugee control following this incident.

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