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Germans Are Tired Of Losing Their Country – So They’re Doing THIS!

German Migrants

Germans are tired of Muslim migrants who they are accusing of increases of crime, terrorism, rape and sexual assault. Here’s what they’re doing to fight back.

Via RT:

Requests in Germany for self-defense weapons permits are hitting record highs in 2016, police data reveals. Firearms ownership experts say people wanting to purchase non-lethal weapons come from all sections of society, “be it workers or professors.”
The new police data shows that Germans are feeling increasingly unsafe in the wake of recent lone-wolf attacks and shootings, which has sparked a demand for non-lethal self-defense weapons.

This is just common sense. Crime is skyrocketing, so of course people want to defend themselves. This shocks me, because I didn’t even know it was legal to have a gun in Europe. I’m sure this process is tedious and wouldn’t pass a 2nd Amendment test here in the states. But this is good that Germans are taking matters into their own hands.

Is it too late to save Europe? Share your thoughts.



  1. Gary says:

    Now they are wising up. Merkel is the problem right now, She is doubling down on letting Muslims in.

    1. Juan Two Three says:

      You’re so right Gary! Maybe, just maybe, the German people are WAKING UP and will emand that worthless and useless Merkel be taken out of office. The people of Germany HAVE to be sick and tired of all the rapes, bombing, throats being slit, killing of a pregnant woman, terrorism and on and on and on! And Merkel, on a TV news station I was watch, was telling the German press that she is proud of her decision of letting in over ONE MILLION of these non vetted terrorist refugee’s AND she said as long as she was Chancellor, she will be bringing in MORE of these bastards! I used to really enjoy traveling to Germany for a months vacation, but not any more! It is way to dangerous because she is not killing/policing the streets as she should demand, call in the military and start checking on these dirt bags in the resettlement camps she had built! She’s made German a ‘mini-Middle Eastern Radical Islamic Muslim Terrorist’ country!