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Get Pulled Over By The NYPD On Christmas!

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Police officers in New York City and across the country have had their fair share of bad press over the last year. On Facebook, the night after Christmas, a story was trending about the Department, but it wasn’t the kind of press the Men in Blue would want.

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What the negativity-driven press isn’t reporting, however, is that there’s another viral story making the rounds on Facebook. It hasn’t been picked up by many outlets, so you might be seeing it here first.

The last thing you might want have happen when you’re driving on Christmas morning with your kids in the back is to get pulled over. The NYPD had a surprise for several of the families who were, however. They wrote on their Facebook page:

On Christmas Eve, Neighborhood Coordination Officers Salley and Colon of the 47 Precinct decided to brighten up the day for a few Bronx residents. They filled up the back of their car with toys for girls and boys, and went out to deliver them in an unconventional method. The Officers waited till they saw cars with children, pulled the drivers over and delivered gifts to the delighted kids and the surprised parents. “We just wanted to make some people smile, see if we can brighten their day,” said Officer Salley. “This means a lot to me to be able to do that, since I grew up in this neighborhood.” ‪#‎ItsWhatWeDo‬

The reactions of some of the families pulled over were priceless. There was laughter and tears and even some hugs.

Since the video was posted Christmas morning it has been “liked” almost 30,000 times, shared over 19,000 times and has over 1.2 million views.

The story might not be explosive enough to get Facebook to trend the story or for news outlets to report on it, but everyday New Yorkers and Americans know the true nature of the men and women who put their lives on the line, even on Christmas morning, to protect them and their families.

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