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Get Your Tissues Ready … This Is The Most Moving Christmas Ad Of The Year


It’s Christmas, which means that every manipulative advertising executive is busy cooking up syrupy commercials designed to part you from your money.

And yet we still fall for the chicanery. Every freakin’ year!

Perhaps you remember this offering from last year. Sure, it was for a British grocery store you will likely never visit, but it still went viral around the globe.¬† Millions of Americans watched the ad … selling a store they¬†hadn’t heard of before or since:

Well, if YouTube hits are any indication of success, the best Christmas ad has already launched, and it comes to us from that nation renowned for its kindness and sentimentality: Germany.

Yes, here’s this year’s winner of the internet:

Twenty-six million people have already watched that clip, meaning a huge explosion in sales of tissues (which might be what this German grocery store was hoping for).

What’s your favorite Christmas commercial? Let us know below.