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I Can’t Believe What Gingrich Said About THIS GOP Candidate!

From Newsmax:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that Donald Trump has made Ted Cruz appear normal — and that’s going to help the Texas senator win support from the Republican establishment at a contested national convention.

“The challenge is entirely on Trump,” Gingrich, who generally supports the New York developer, told Politico. “He is not gonna get any help out of the establishment.

“They have reluctantly concluded that if, you know — Trump in a funny way has normalized Ted Cruz because without Trump, the establishment would be totally opposed to Cruz,” he said.

So far, only Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have endorsed Cruz. He also has the support of two other former presidential rivals, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.
Graham dropped out of the sweepstakes in December.

Gingrich also told Politico that he doubted whether anyone beyond Trump or Cruz would be nominated in Cleveland because delegate rules make it virtually impossible for anyone not currently running to become the nominee.

To everyone reading this article, it’s very simple. If Donald Trump gets the required 1237 delegates, he will be the GOP nominee. I am one who believes he can also win the general because I don’t believe the liberal media narrative on his negatives with voters, which are higher than any candidate.


However, if he does not get the required 1,237, there is a strong possibility he will not win the much heralded OPEN Convention. It will more than likely go to Cruz who fares much better in the general than does Trump. There is a slim, slim, almost nonexistent chance that it could go to Kasich if and only if Trump and Cruz are in agreement to that. Trump will not be our next president whether he wins the nomination or not.

Gingrich knows the establishment is out to get Trump and whatever advice he has should be a bonus that Trump should accept. The vipers are out using Cruz like a messed up wet nap. Don’t believe me, when Lindsay Graham congratulates Ted Cruz on preventing Trump from taking Wisconsin but doesn’t congratulate him on winning that should tell Wisconsin dummies everything they need to know. You wasted your vote. Cruz will not win because they won’t let him.

Watch Gingrich speak to Trump in this video here:

Cruz in his “I will be the nominee” speech last night said that Wisconsin was a turning point. He’s right, the turning point when he watches Trump win enough of the remaining delegates in the remaining states to win the nomination.

H/T – NewsmaxPolitico

I hope Trump listens to Gingrich as he has a lot of valid points in what he said. Do you think Trump will listen to Gingrich? Share your opinions with us (below) in the comment section and give a shoutout on your Twitter and Facebook page.

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