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Girl Gets Tased On Purpose And I Can’t Stop Watching It!


I have to admit this is a selfish story post.

I’ve never been tased by the police before, and I don’t expect to be tased in the future, but I have watched examples on YouTube and social media, and I know it’s not something to be played with.

I have seen the strongest, biggest policemen in their training sessions get tased so they can know how it feels when they utilize that form of self-defense against individuals who do not want to follow the law.

The way that those men and women in law enforcement hit the ground after being tagged with electricity just makes me shake my head. When I watch this young lady volunteer for a particular charity, my first reaction was “what is she thinking?”

With Black Lives Matter protesters doing all they can to undermine police officers, creating a hostile environment many blame for this year’s spike in violence against officers, it’s nice to see someone go way above and beyond to raise money for fallen officers.

That’s exactly what this bikini-clad babe did, agreeing to get tased in public if enough people donated $100 to watch.  They did, so she followed through.

Yeah she did just say that! That was too funny. I don’t expect you to go out and get tased for a charity to see what it feels like but you can always come back to this story to watch this young lady.

H/T – Kaio/Youtube, DailyMail

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