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Glenn Beck: Don’t Let Modern Conveniences Trump Our Freedoms

glenn beck

Saying Americans tend to think we’re free because we “have a lot of stuff,” Glenn Beck urged us to not forget about freedoms we’ve lost recently simply because we have so many modern comforts.

Beck reminded viewers of his television show about the lost freedoms we’ve endured with the TSA “patting us down like criminals,” the NSA’s intrusive surveillance, the crackdown in journalists, the assault on the Second Amendment, even citing recent cases of people being prevented for helping the homeless without a permit.

Beck added that the basic freedom to live in this country has come under attack, most notably for unborn babies and seniors.

“The right to life only applies if you’re outside the womb,” he explained. “Unless you’re elderly.”

He sarcastically continued, “Now you face ‘end of life care’ pressures because you’ve already led a good life, maybe it’s time to let someone else have a turn at medicine.”

A panelist on the show added that our freedoms are being taken away by the very devices we use for comfort.

Via The Blaze:

“I don’t think we can allow ourselves to be fooled by the modern comforts we enjoy,” Beck concluded. “Just because we have stuff, just because we can walk around doesn’t mean we are truly free.”

Beck brought in John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the defense of civil liberties and human rights, who said some liberties are at risk but the Fourth Amendment is “basically dead.”

“The NSA [is] downloading everything — your electronic banking accounts, 1.7 billion emails a day, 350 million text messages a day,” he said. “The NSA admits to hacking into 160,000 Facebook pages a day. So anything you do electronically is in a file. … Everything you’re doing is being watched.”

Watch Beck’s analysis below…

Do you agree with Beck? Are modern comforts leading to the government taking away more and more individual freedoms and rights?