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Glenn Beck Heard Biden Wants to Run for POTUS – His Reaction Guaranteed to Make You Laugh


Seems the very thought of Joe Biden getting into the 2016 presidential race has rendered Glenn Beck nearly speechless and unable to control his laughter.

Beck appeared with CNN’s Don Lemon who asked the radio host what his thoughts were regarding a President Biden.

His response repeatedly was “Really?”

Beck would try to move on, but eventually burst into uncontrollable laughter.


Via the Blaze:

“Can I ask you a question? Let’s be really honest. Are the Democrats … I mean, really? Joe Biden? That’s a serious consideration? I mean this is crazy!” he said.

“Joe Biden has a long track record in politics, he’s great on foreign policy, he’s a says-it-like-it-is guy,” Lemon quipped back.

Beck wasn’t convinced.

“You cannot tell me he would not be the laughing stock of the world,” Beck said. “Joe Biden? Really?”

“C’mon. We can at least be clear — I mean I can see it with Elizabeth Warren even,” he added. “Joe Biden? That’s a joke. And all of us know, that’s a joke.”

Lemon might be onto something here.

Joe Biden’s foreign policy experience would certainly come in handy. Like the time he opened up negotiations with people with “slight Indian accents” at the local 7-11.

Or the time he described Obamacare to the American people as a big f’n deal.

Or maybe even the time he gave an economic policy speech to discuss a three letter word – Jobs, J-O-B-S.

Comment: Do you think a President Joe Biden would be the laughingstock of the world? Or have we already become a laughingstock under President Obama?