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Glenn Beck Thinks He’s Found The Dream Ticket To Defeat Trump. You Won’t Believe Who Is On It!


Glenn Beck has been very vocal about his support of Ted Cruz, who he has compared to George Washington.

He is also a strong advocate AGAINST Donald Trump getting the nomination, and he thinks he’s found a dream partner for Ted Cruz to join with to defeat Trump once and for all.

This story comes via The Washington Examiner

Conservative radio personality Glenn Beck thinks a Republican presidential ticket with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio would unquestionably prevent Donald Trump from becoming the GOP nominee.

“Ted Cruz for president, Marco Rubio as vice president,” Beck said Wednesday on his radio program. The longtime conservative commentator endorsed Cruz in late January, just before the Texas senator won the Iowa caucuses.

He continued, “They should announce this and run with this. This should go all over the Internet. I think this is doable and this is absolutely unstoppable.”

According to Beck, a Cruz-Rubio ticket could keep Trump from winning Florida where he currently leads Rubio by roughly 20 percentage points. The Florida primary is set to take place March 15, meaning Rubio would have to exit the race and join forces with Cruz in the next two weeks in order to stop Trump

Really? Cruz-Rubio? That is who he thinks can defeat Trump? I don’t know about this. Rubio has proven he doesn’t have what it takes, and Marco and Ted have traded a few barbs in the past. Could they bury the hatchet to beat Trump?

Time will tell!

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  1. stonemike says:

    Beck is as big an idiot as the repub hierarchy, they could not care less what the American people want! If the people give Trump the delegates and the establishment “refuses his nomination’ it will be the death of the GOP !

  2. Terence says:

    Beck has right this right for sure. This line up of appointments would be the best thing that could happen.

  3. Roland says:

    Hate to give credit to Glen Beck,(Well, Maybe) or to Rubio but it sounds like a no brainier! It is past time to stop the constant division and unite together for the future of our Country, and that is exactly what this election is about, the FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY!

  4. Ricardo says:

    Ted Cruz isn’t worthy of tying George Washington’s shoes not to mention George’s intellect is about double that of Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is more like a used car salesman of politics.