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I Know Beck Doesn’t Like Trump But He’s Out Of Line On This!

Glenn Beck trump

The closer we get to Election Day, I expect more targeted hate statements and acts from not only liberals but so-called conservatives like Glenn Beck who have been fighting Donald Trump on principle.

Glenn Beck, the owner of The Blaze, doesn’t like Trump with a passion. Trump beat out the candidate Beck put so much money into and now the conservative radio show host says Trump is in cahoots with liberals to tear down the Republican Party.

Beck is not all there is he? I honestly believe Trump is just making elite Republicans show their true progressive colors in public. We have not had a true conservative in Washington since Reagan left office.

Glenn Beck trump

From Newsmax:

Presidential nominee Donald Trump is fracturing conservatives and the Republican party even more effectively than the Democratic party and the left could have imagined, conservative commentator Glenn Beck said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday.

“I don’t think that the left could have planned a better candidate to blow up the right than Donald Trump,” Beck told host Brian Stelter.

“I blame Donald Trump for being the worst candidate for either party the country has ever seen. If Donald Trump loses, it’s going to be Donald Trump’s fault. If Donald Trump wins, it will be Donald Trump’s fault.”

Beck called Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “cyanide to the republic” earlier this week, but said he believes “Trump may be worse.” Beck faulted the media for allowing the Trump phenomenon to grow.

“Look at what the media did: Instead of taking him seriously from the very beginning and actually holding him responsible for some of the things that he said, a lot people just looked at him as a circus show — ‘This will drive up numbers and he will burn himself out,’” Beck told CNN’s Stelter. “It was a huge mistake.

“By last August, we were taking him very seriously, [yet] still thought he would blow himself up, but I don’t think so. It’s not Donald Trump. It’s us.

” … ‘Well, he’s better than she is,’ or ‘she’s better than he is.’ Okay, well, they’re both bad. They both stink on ice.”

Glenn, you just don’t get it. The Republican Party IS their biggest problem. They don’t want Mr. Trump to find out who they are!

Do not insult our intelligence Mr. Beck! If Trump wins, it’s because the Republican Party is so very corrupt! Our politicians aren’t standing up for us, so maybe Trump will.

Americans are sick of the pandering, lying politicians who don’t have the spine of a jellyfish. The plan was to use the “Republican” traitors who turn against Trump as “proof” Trump is offensive to the party. The fact is, they are all in one club, the elitist party against the American people.

If you think Beck has a point, please let me know below in the comment section. Do you think I am on track, again let me know what you think below?