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Global Warming Alert: An Igloo Showed Up In The Middle Of A Busy Chicago Street!


Do you want to build a snowman?

Or maybe an igloo?

A retired businessman who shovels ice for pedestrians in front of local businesses wanted to send a message about the importance of safety, so he took the ice and built an igloo. A giant igloo. In a busy street. In the heart of Chicago.

Via Fox News Insider:

David Sudler says he hopes the excess ice will make surrounding businesses realize that it needs to be cleared for pedestrians.

“I shovel the thing so the hundreds of people who walk here don’t slip,” he told Fox 32.

It’s strenuous work. But Sudler, a 58-year-old retired boilermaker who lives with his wife in a high-rise, says he enjoys it because it helps keep him in shape.

“I sort of felt like an elf,” he told The Chicago Tribune. “I’d move it at night when there was less traffic and it was safer.”

Sudler showed Fox 32 into his ice fortress, which reportedly is big enough to fits two adults inside.

Check out the news report set to a fancy Christmas-like jingle:

Pretty cool effort by Sudler. But not nearly as cool as this bonus coverage, which features a Siberian tiger making a snowman. Because, why not?

Comment: Whose winter-time effort is more impressive – the Chicago retiree or the Siberian tiger? Vote in the comments section below.