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Here We Go (Again)! Trump Bashes Cruz Over Birth Certificate


Back in the halcyon days of 2011, when Donald Trump was wondering if he should take on President Obama in his re-election fight, he drew support from some conservatives by questioning Mr. Obama’s birth certificate.

Well, if the trick worked once, it’ll work again, right?

This week Mr. Trump mentioned the birth certificate of another rival for the White House – Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz was born in Canada, where his parents ran a small business. This, for Mr. Trump is “problematic.” Take a look below:

Of course, it doesn’t matter where Mr. Cruz, or Mr. Obama, were born … their respective mothers were both American citizens meaning that they, too, are citizens.

But its not like the Donald ever bothers to read the Constitution.

Is Trump right to ask questions about Senator Cruz’s citizenship?  Let us know below.