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Where Does God Come From? This Man’s Answer Is Perfect

where does god come from

Where does God come from?

That’s a question that I asked my father many times when I was growing up. My father was a pastor, and I spent most of my time in church… so naturally, the kinds of questions I asked growing up dealt with things that I learned from the Bible.

It’s also a question I’ve heard many times from other people, and I’ve heard a lot of answers.

Many try to answer in their own way, based on their own experiences. But the man in the video below probably explained it the best way I’ve ever heard!

Wait until you see this video below:

You hear the question a lot from non-believers – most of whom are not scientists or schooled in any scientific field – and they always try to throw some “gotcha” in there. Kind of like the first man in the video. They treat science as if it’s a living, breathing entity that has opinions. It’s not! Science is just a method. It’s a way of discovering things. It has no opinions.

But the second man, the one who answers the question,¬†took apart any type of “scientific” response and created something so beautiful, it should be plastered on every church wall in the world. There’s no way you can argue against his logic.

Here’s how some people responded to this amazing answer:

Many of us don’t have a better answer than “the mystery of faith.” Too often, instead of trying to understand that answer, non-believers will just dismiss it out of hand. That’s why this man’s answer is so important.

We believers also have to understand that, to convince others of the truth of our message, we need to speak to people in a way they understand.


H/T The Political Insider

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