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God, Guns, and Gumbo! Restaurant Offers DISCOUNT to Customers Carrying Guns (WATCH)

Bergeron’s, a Louisiana restaurant, supports the 2nd Amendment so much that gun owners get a 10% discount on their meal.

While certain anti-gun organizations have been successful in forcing companies to discourage carrying guns – such as Chipotle – this restaurant is doing the exact opposite and is standing up for the Constitution.

The owner Kevin Cox thanked gun owners:

If something goes wrong here today I know you’re here to protect me.


You make a gun-free zone, that’s where bad people with guns are going to go — dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. So I’m trying to prove that this is the right route to go. Somebody gets robbed every day, not me.

And thanks to this decision, business is up 25% and Cox had to hire more staff. This was REAL economic stimulus!

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