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God Just Sent Obama A Little Message After Missing Scalia’s Funeral!


President Obama couldn’t find a way to juggle his schedule in a manner such that he could attend the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia this past weekend.

But when it came to a round of golf, by golly, there’s always time for that.

Via RedState:

President Obama was so busy and dedicated to his constitutionally sacred duty to nominate an activist liberal political Judge to the Supreme Court that he had to miss the funeral for the Justice we just lost. And he wanted to make sure everyone knew it, as the White House notified reporters of a photo-op showing studious and serious Obama and his Big Book of Judging on Saturday buckling down to the weighty task.

But that was yesterday. Today? Sunday? Well Sunday belongs to the little name with the big G. You know the one: GOLF.

Well, guess what Obama? God has a pretty good sense of humor. Despite all your efforts to avoid honoring a great man and instead honoring yourself with a round of golf, the man upstairs had other plans.

The folks over at Weasel Zippers write, “He got rained on playing golf. I’d like to think that that was God telling him ‘Screw you’ for being an ass.”

Here’s a report on how vice-president Joe Biden was sent to Scalia’s funeral in place of Obama:

Comment: Were Obama’s actions this weekend just another sign that he only cares about himself? Was God sending a message to the President for ‘being an ass?’ Share your thoughts below.



  1. Michael says:

    God had no idea that Mr. Scalia was on his way to meet with him he was to meet with Christ first.

  2. secularsceptic says:

    No, the weather is random, it was just a quirk of random meteorology. And a quirk of ancient interminable mythology that anyone would connect it to the invisible god, supposedly in the sky. Never the less, Obama remains an ass in the minds of 60% of US citizens, that is more important. Please vote this year. I already voted in the primary for Trump.