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God Wins In Texas AG Issues Opinion That Has Liberals FURIOUS!

In God We Trust

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently wrote an opinion on ‘In God We Trust Decals’ being placed on police patrol vehicles in various Texas counties.

Two lawmakers had requested a legal opinion regarding the constitutionality of public law enforcement agencies displaying the phrase.

‘In God We Trust’ is the official motto of our nation, but atheists have fought to have it removed, suggesting it violates separation of church and state.

Paxton offered his opinion in a letter to the lawmakers.

Via The Blaze:

“Displaying ‘In God We Trust’ on police vehicles is a passive use of a motto steeped in our nation’s history that does not coerce citizen approval or participation,” Paxton wrote in the letter. “A law enforcement department’s decision to display the national motto on its vehicles is consistent with that history.”

“Thus, a court is likely to conclude that a law enforcement department’s display of ‘In God We Trust’ on its patrol vehicles is permissible under the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution,” Paxton continued.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also addressed the issue in a letter to Paxton last month, in which he told the attorney general that there can be “no doubt” that Texas courts would uphold the motto being displayed on police vehicles in Childress, Texas, as constitutional.

A police chief and sheriff in separate counties in Texas respectively told the atheist group fighting to have the decals removed that they could “go fly a kite” or “butt a stump.”

Now it appears that both the governor of Texas and the Attorney General have similar sentiments for the easily offended, anti-religious group.

Comment: Should a police force be allowed to use ‘In God We Trust’ on their vehicles, or does it violate the Constitutional rights of atheists?



  1. John says:

    I don’t see any problem with them displaying the “In God we trust” Motto on their police vehicles. I don’t know about the others but as for me I’m personally getting tired of the minority getting everything they want over the majority.The homo sexual’s got their way, the atheists already got their way once by getting the Pledge of Allegiance taken out of the schools because it said “One Nation under God” And now the Government wants students of both sexes to be able to shower together all the have to say is that they are transgender?! When will the insanity stop? After their are a few dozen lawsuits of girls being raped and molested in the schools? And then we have Muslims and illegals flooding the country and practically demanded everything be handed to them. When is the sanity going to stop when the US is no more? Wake up people.

  2. Donald says:

    Liberals and Atheists alike have been twisting the Constitution to try to make it say what they want it to say.But remember this, it is God who will have the final say. Christians need to start standing up for Jesus.Seek God and Kingdom first and the rest will come.