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God’s Work? Baby Thrown 25 Feet Through Car Window Practically Unharmed

It’s Monday, so it seems like a great time for a story about a miraculous little girl, sure to make you smile.

Madison, a 7-month old from Dayton, Ohio, was recently involved in a car accident, the description of which would make you cringe.

Here’s Madison below…


Madison’s mother was driving her minivan through an Ohio intersection, when another driver ran the red light, striking the vehicle and then fleeing the scene.

Somehow, still strapped in her car seat, Madison was thrown out the window of her mother’s vehicle, landing face down 25 feet away.

Five people suffered injuries in the crash, two of them very seriously.

So when onlookers ran to tend to the baby, they feared the worst.

Madison however, simply opened her eyes and “started smiling,” having only suffered a minor bruise on her forehead.

The family believes they know who helped the baby escape the horrific crash relatively unharmed – God.

Via The Blaze:

“Looking at [Madison] like, wow, she doesn’t even know what’s going on” Lewis told WHIO. “She was the one in the trauma and we’re traumatized but she’s not.”

Madison’s family is sure that God played a part in the turn of events.

“God does not make mistakes. I tell people that all the time,” family member Rhonda Moody told WHIO. “When things happen, it’s all in his will.”

Watch the media report below…

So what do you think? Miracle, the work of God, or simply luck?