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Going Viral! Young Single Mom Is Hitting All the Welfare Abusers With a Truth Bomb!


Hope Black is a young mom, but she’s not letting anything stand in her way to make a better life for her and her daughter. She’s 20 years old, working a labor intensive job at a truck shop and in her third year of college.
And she implores others to stop whining and get to work. Her Facebook rant advocating for responsibility is quickly going viral.

Just wanna put this out there for all people who THINK they know me .. I’m a single mom , going to college for the 3rd year trying my hardest to get in the nursing program & working in a Big Truck shop ! Yeah you read that right 😳. Yes, I can break down a tire that’s probably over 100 lbs by myself ( no I’m not lieing ) , service a 18 wheeler with the help of some sweaty😷, greasy old men & not think twice about it . I’m only 20 years old & I know how to use a 50 lb impact gun to take a tire off ! That’s crazy , I know !! Do I love my job ? Heck no I don’t, I hate it 😩 ! But guess what ? I do it because I have a Beautiful daughter that didn’t ask to be brought into this world for my parents to take care of . She’s my responsibility. This is life folks ! When you make the choice to lay down & create another human being it becomes your responsibility to provide for yours . Not your mama , grandparents , auntie & uncle ! If I can work in a shop doing a mans job , you can find a minimum wage job flipping burgers or something, stop being lazy & expecting other people to handle YOUR priorities ! #rantover #sorrynotsorry

What do you think about Hope’s journey to a better life? Will you be sharing her post?



  1. Grama says:

    (smile) I put myself through college- became an RN as a single parent with THREE little ones. I worked AS I did this, to pay for my daycare. Mama was working, kids’ Daddy was not involved in any way, and we made it work. Anyone can, if they don’t just think the world owes them a living because they are this or they are that. Nobody owes you CRAP! And, you very likely DO NOT DESERVE to be fed like a baby and clothed like a baby nor housed like a baby. IF you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to take care of yourself and your own. -Without the help of every working person in your nation! NO MATTER WHAT. IF you are NOT old enough to take care of your own, you are NOT old enough to engage in the act of procreation. Having babies is NOT a ‘career’.

  2. Charles says:

    Lol, this girl was confronted about her story and said she was going to post a video. But there has not been such a video. She says she is not doing it for attention. But repost blogs like this that are giving her attention.
    News flash ppl not every female in their early 20’s can do manual labor or has the support to be able to work full time. And yes some people actually need government assistance.
    This girl is just gloating and putting ppl down that are not as fortunate as she is.
    I say if you are to gloat, then prove yourself. Don’t make up stories to try to make yourself out to be someone you are not.
    This was brought up to her and she has just covered it up with excuses.
    The only thing she has in fact done is pick on the less fortunate. And is now being praised for her lies.

    1. Trina says:

      Charles, what in the world are you talking about? Did you read something different than anyone else? Or maybe she took your job? Your comment is just ignorant. She isn’t GLOATING, she is telling people about her life and how she is making something better for her and her daughter. And lies? She works at a truck shop, she is in college taking care of her own child. SHE WORKS, did you get that. Anyone my friend can get a job. She isn’t making fun of ANYONE. Not one time did I read where she was making fun of less fortunate ppl. Everyone has a chance to go to school , work , pay bills, succeed but majority of ppl choose laziness. They want to sit on their butts and let Uncle Sam pay for EVERYTHING. That’s the damn truth. Everyone should repost this bc she is 100% correct. And women can do manual labor just as good as anyone. She isn’t claiming to be better than anyone she stated she takes care of her family bc that’s what needs to be done. To think you honestly have the nerve to knock this young lady is sad. Maybe you might wanna talk to her she might be Able to teach you something bc you obviously have no clue what you are talking about….

  3. Joe says:

    Irene, what the hell does pride have to do with what Jason said? What does pride have to do with wage stagnation, or with millions of working parents still struggling to raise their families? Pride has nothing to with it, GREED does. Open your eyes and look at fucking reality.

  4. Irene says:

    Hey Jason….Ever hear of a word called “pride”. I guess not. I’ll guess you are under 40. She is just owning up to her responsibility. Her daughter is one lucky little lady.

  5. Jason says:

    Funny all the hating on welfare and food stamps. As a case worker for people receiving those benefits, I can tell you this is a pretty typical story for someone receiving benefits – working and going to school, trying to make ends meet and build a better life for their kids. The problem isn’t people receiving assistance, the problem is the corporations keeping wages down for 40 years so families with 2 parents both working can’t pay the bills. Save your anger for them, not the 1% of people receiving government benefits who commit fraud…

    1. JC says:

      Jason…..You can’t be more wrong. Don’t get me wrong you are right to an extent that if you do work and you need a little help I do not mind helping. But you cannot sit there and tell me that that this is the majority of ppl applying, because I tried to get help and made too much. I made $8 an hour with two kids and it was too much. Increasing wages will only bankrupt companies, these ppl need to do what I did and work overtime and build on what you have. You cant have a 2015 Lincoln and pay for food, so stop living out your means drive a 2000 Grand Prix with PLPD insurance and feed ur GD kids!!! You cant have all the things you want at 20 and still survive. I have learned by 30 that you build on what you have to make life better later. YOU WORK FOR WHAT YOU GET and if you are responsible you retire in Florida and live just fine. Otherwise you will be on the system and poor FOREVER!! There is no other way to look at it.

    2. Trina says:

      Idk what state your in but majority of ppl who receive govt help don’t work, try getting assistance even making 10$ an hour and they claim that’s too much. They don’t want To help ppl who work and try and make ends meet they like helping ppl who are lazy and freeload off anyone and everyone they can. Majority ppl here who receive benefits gurantee are fraudulent …. Crazy world we live in. Work – and no one wants to help , stay home be lazy- get 800$ month foodstamps, Medicaid , disability check bc their kid is ADD or ODD, and fitap cash benefits too- smh

  6. Charlotte says:

    Hope Black you will be a good roll model for your child. They are a lot of lazy women and young girls out there Who have babies and expect to get on welfare. I have personal hear them say that.A lot of the younger ones are trying to get away from home. So they go out and get pregnant and then they tell the welfare they don;t no who the father is..