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GOOD NEWS: Liberals are Outnumbered By Conservatives on This MAJOR American Belief!


Despite growing anti-religious attitudes spurred on and promoted through left-wing media and politicians, God still plays an important role in human history – specifically, a vast majority of Americans still believe God has given America a special role in human history.

A new poll released by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that 62% of Americans believe God gave the United States a special role in the shaping of human history.

Via Public Religion:

Majority of Americans Continue to Believe in American Exceptionalism, Proud to be an American

More than six in ten (62%) Americans believe that God has granted America a special role in human history, while roughly one-third (33%) disagree. Views have not shifted significantly in recent years. In 2012, an identical number of Americans (62%) agreed that the U.S. was granted a special role in human history. There are sharp differences on this question by political ideology and religious affiliation.

Conservatives are nearly twice as likely as liberals to agree that God has granted the U.S. a special role in human history—80% of conservatives and only 45% of liberals agree with this statement. Half (50%) of liberals reject the notion that the country has a divinely sanctioned role in human history.

Other interesting findings about American exceptionalism and patriotism were found in the survey as well.

Via The Blaze:

63 percent of Americans said they have never not been proud to call themselves citizens of the United States, with 83 percent believing in the importance of displaying flags, among other patriotic actions, to show their public support for the country.

In that vein, the survey found some intriguing metrics when it comes to American identity, with 69 percent saying that “believing in God is an important component of being a true American,” according to the the Public Religion Research Institute.

Fifty-three percent said that being Christian, more specifically, is essential to being a true American.

According to this survey then, in spite of media reports to the contrary and the vocal protests of a few, God and country still matter to Americans.

Now that’s some good news!

Comment – Do you believe God has a special role for the United States of America?



  1. Kathy says:

    Why do so many conservatives think that Liberals don’t believe in God? This article claims that most Americans believe in God. No shit, it is not a liberal/conservative issue.

  2. Norman says:

    Every day I’m alive, I’m grateful I was fortunate to be born in the USA, and grateful to the Founders for their amazing wisdom in creating a free Republic for all of us to enjoy.