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GOOD NEWS! This Is So Bad… It Could Already Spell the End for Hillary!


As a presidential candidate, it’s not your favorability in every State that matters, but rather your favorability in the swing States. And by that criteria, the numbers for Hillary are in, and they don’t look good for her. To quote from the Washington Post:

A poll released Sunday from NBC/Marist reinforces one from last week by Quinnipiac University that found her to be as unpopular as Donald Trump in key swing states. In Iowa and New Hampshire, Clinton’s net favorability — those who view her positively minus those who don’t — was negative-23 and negative-20, respectively.

And that’s not all – Hillary has a negative-3 favorability rating nationally.

What makes this particularly interesting is that her polling numbers are “as unpopular as Donald Trump,” when the media has hounded Trump, but hasn’t bothered to do as much as ask Hillary a serious interview question, let alone attack her record. Despite the media blackout on Hillary’s record and donors, among other controversies, her popularity is particularly low among the group of voters that matters most: independents. Republicans will always vote Republican, and Democrats will always vote Democrat, so any election is essentially up to the whim of the independents (hence why swing States matter).

Among independents, Hillary maintains a negative favorability rating of 24. While her popularity among Democrats may aid her in winning the Democratic primary, the polls are not on Hillary’s side when the time comes for a national election. And considering that all a Republican candidate has to do is maintain a favorability rating that isn’t in the red, this election could already be in the bag for the GOP.

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  1. Rick says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA she’s toast

  2. Larry says:

    Polls this early are meaningless. 17 months to go until elections. In about 1 yr. the polls may be more meaningful. The Washington Post and it’s bastard child Fox News are so slanted toward the GOP they are meaningless. I’ll make my own decisions at the proper time. GO HILLARY.

  3. gmhunt says:

    There is NO such person as an independent. There are Conservatives and there are liberals

  4. Charles W says:

    I am a Registered Independent in New York State. Clinton is absolutely untrustworthy, and in my book, borderline incompetent considering her failure to implement her healthcare program years ago, and her lack of achievement as a NY senator (acquired as a carpetbagger), and as SecState under Obama (travel mileage on the taxpayer dime is a meaningless metric on the way to diplomatic achievements that are counting and relevant)
    Lastly, despite “listening tours” (as senatorial candidate, and now as presidential nominee candidate), she comes across as inauthentic in demeanor and pronouncements. She is NOT a “what you see is what you get” type of person…….