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Google’s Latest Policy Is Outraging Pro Lifers For THIS Reason!

Google has been accused multiple times of censoring conservative material in their search results. While some accusations may be unfounded, the sheer size of accusations is suspicious.

Google’s latest policy leads credence to those claims of liberal bias, this time specifically against pro-lifers:

Many colleges have been petitioned in recent years, through student protests and petitions, to create “safe spaces” for minority populations. “Safe Spaces” have become the norm for female students, African American students, LGBT students and other groups.

And now, thanks to an extension available on Google Chrome, internet users one step closer to having a “safe space,” protected from language that they find offensive.

The extension, created by an anonymous activist in collaboration with the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund, is called “Choice Language” and edits every page to change the phrase “pro-life” to “anti-choice.”

Described by the president of the NIRH as, “a really interesting and creative idea,” this uninvited editing of the work of other authors is being hailed as just the solution our nation is crying out for, at least in liberal circles. But that’s really the question here, isn’t it? Google is offering a product which you can install on your browser which will edit not only the raw text, but the tone and inflection of anyone writing about the subject at hand. Can anyone explain how this is allowable?

H/T Hotair 

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