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Guess Who’s Going TO GOP Convention? And You Won’t Believe Why!

gop convention

If Al Sharpton is the “voice” of God, we’re in a world of hurt.

The city of Cleveland showed class in not becoming a Ferguson or Baltimore following the tragic death of Tamir Rice. And now Al Sharpton wants to cause trouble at the GOP convention later this summer. He needs to stay out of the city; he is TROUBLE. He thinks he is Martin Luther King, Jr, but believe me, he is no King.

From Cleveland.com:

On the eve of the Republican National Convention, civil rights leaders, musicians, social-justice activists and others are expected to hold a rally, march and free concert downtown to grab a piece of the national spotlight focused on the city.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, a controversial civil-rights leader, is to headline the rally, beginning around 1 p.m. at the Wolstein Center on Cleveland State University’s campus. A short march downtown will follow the rally. The Roots, the acclaimed hip-hop and soul group  — which is also the house band for Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” — is scheduled to headline a concert at the Wolstein Center beginning around 5 p.m.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the Los Angeles-based international organization that provides HIV/AIDS medical care and advocacy, is organizing the event, dubbed “Keep the Promise,” with the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland, among other groups.

“The event provides a forum for advocates to publicly call on Republicans on the day before the opening of the RNC to articulate clear domestic and global policies on HIV/AIDS, income inequality and other critical social-justice issues,” Tracy Jones, the foundation’s midwest regional director and national director of advocacy campaigns, said in a statement.

Why doesn’t he encourage African Americans to do positive things like get an education, careers, and raise children properly? I noticed that the blame is always one-sided. How about questioning why the people made the decision to run and proceed on a reckless high-speed chase?

How about asking why the boy was playing with a realistic looking gun? There is a fault on both sides of the argument. I thought that the first step was always accepting responsibility for your actions.

Sharpton is a cancer plain and simple. He’s exalted himself to a leadership position years ago and he thinks he’s relevant today. He’s not.

Do you think Sharpton’s presence means anything for the GOP convention? Share your voice below in our comment section.