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GOP Go Third Party? Only If THIS Fox Contributor Has Anything To Do With It!

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Senator John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney were not real conservatives so what the heck is he saying.

Fox News political analyst and let me add “HACK” George Will joined the Hugh Hewitt radio show to talk about both party front-runners possibly meeting up for the general election and once again Will’s personal hatred for Trump got in the way of providing an informing coherent message.

GEORGE WILL: There would large numbers going both ways. It would be a very interesting migration. I think you would have more Democrats going to the Republicans than Republicans going the Democrats but you would also figure that there would be movement to have a third-party candidate because if the election is Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump, this will be the first election since God knows when, there was no real conservative candidate. And I don’t both of us who have started our political careers, and I cast my vote for Barry Goldwater.

Do conservatives pass a $1.1 trillion dollar omnibus budget? Do conservatives pass TPA leading to TPP, which will be NAFTA on steroid which will result in more American jobs going overseas.

Trump may not be a “conservative” candidate but he is a nationalist candidate, which is what we need right now. In twenty years, if things don’t change we will have a new world order run by multinationals. They will just cut out the middle man-think the movie “Rollerball.”

H/T – Hugh Hewitt Show

What do you think about Will’s analysis? Is he off his rocker? Share your opinions below and let us know what you think!