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GOP Presidential Debate Gets Most Hilarious ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Treatment Yet


I didn’t know anything about this channel until last month and it’s one of the best to take your mind off serious issues if just for five minutes.

If you aren’t familiar with the YouTube channel “Bad Lip Reading” do yourself a favor and subscribe, especially since we’re heading into a presidential election cycle.

In this hilarious video of the GOP Presidential debate, you’ll see the candidates in action…

Chris Christie just wanted regular potatoes for his favorite childhood snack, but Rand Paul has something to say about that.

Dr. Ben Carson is having trouble finishing the puzzle that he’s working on at his podium. Donald Trump likes to take his pigeon, Lucas don Velor, shopping with him, because, you know, he has good health.

And of course you won’t want to miss each candidate’s closing statements in the form of a nonsensical song. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing the Democrat nominees getting the Bad Lip Reading treatment in their first debate.

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H/T – Bad Lip Reading