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Republicans Cave To Democrats On This Life-Changing Vote!

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Once again, our representatives don’t listen to us, the voters who put them in office. I am sure, almost positively sure the nation doesn’t support Obama’s transgender bathroom policy. Think of the unprotected children in public restrooms and school locker rooms.

Congress has decided to ratify Obama’s executive order that will stop business owners from having a say over how they want their bathrooms to be run. This is madness!

We need to clean house no pun intended!! Badly!! The problem is the corruption is so entrenched they will never relinquish their power. And that’s both sides! I like the idea of a convention of states. However, that should have been implemented at the start of last century!

Why bother having representatives anymore if they just vote the way the party bosses tell them?

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From Daily Signal:

Whereas last week Congress voted to reject this proposal—known as the Maloney Amendment—last night they voted to ratify Obama’s 2014 executive order barring federal contractors from what it describes as “discrimination” on the basis of “sexual orientation and gender identity” in their private employment policies.

And, of course, “discrimination” on the basis of “gender identity” can be something as simple as having a bathroom policy based on biological sex, not gender identity, as we learned last week from Obama’s transgender directives. And “discrimination” on the basis of “sexual orientation” can be something as reasonable as an adoption agency preferring married moms and dads for orphans, than other arrangements.

Indeed, in the past few weeks we’ve seen additional examples of what counts as “discrimination” on the basis of “gender identity.”

A public school district in Oregon paid a teacher $60,000 because colleagues declined to use the pronoun “they” to describe the teacher. The teacher, Leo Soell, does “not identify as male or female but rather transmasculine and genderqueer, or androgynous.” As Volokh explains: “Soell wants people to call Soell ‘they,’ and submitted a complaint to the school district objecting (in part) that other schoolteachers engaged in ‘harassment’ by, among other things, ‘refusing to call me by my correct name and gender to me or among themselves’ (emphasis added).”

Congress tried to minimize the damage of the Maloney Amendment with two provisions last night. One provision, introduced by Rep. Joe Pitts, R-Pa., amended the Maloney Amendment to say that it couldn’t violate the U.S. Constitution. Another provision, the Byrne Amendment, attempted to attach existing religious liberty protections to the bill. Neither adequately protects against the damage of Maloney.

Career politicians have only four concerns. Pay, perks, pensions and any side deals they can work to make themselves multi-millionaires.

America and her citizens are of no consequence to career politicians. Congress has become nothing more than a place where our corrupt politicians go to become rich. It no longer does anything for the people. Unless you are a large donor, your voice means nothing.

Why can’t we have a Congress that just does the right thing? Don’t we have anybody that will stand up for the American people and their concerns? Tell me what you think about Congress ratifying Obama’s executive order in the comments section below.