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What Got Nancy Pelosi All Choked Up?

Generally, from a conservative standpoint – If something upsets Nancy Pelosi, it’s good for the rest of America. Generally.

Such is the case with the announcement that California Senator Barbara Boxer will not seek re-election in 2016, effectively retiring.

Via the National Journal:

Boxer said on Thursday that she will retire at the end of her term in 2016. She has represented California in the Senate for 21 years. The announcement came as a surprise to many people—Pelosi included.

“It’s funny, she called me and she said she wanted to talk to me personally,” Pelosi told the reporter after he explained that Boxer was retiring. “I thought maybe she wanted to have dinner tonight or something. Oh, my. Well, her decision is an important one for her and her family.”

Apparently, Pelosi is taking a page from the Obama administration, only learning about things through the media.

After letting it sink in, Pelosi got a little choked up about her friend’s announcement – the friend who apparently didn’t want to tell her she was retiring.

Watch …


Via the Huffington Post:

In her weekly press conference with reporters Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that when she received a call from Boxer that morning, she’d assumed it was just about dinner plans. Pelosi praised her longtime colleague, choking up during her remarks.

“She is one of the most unselfish politicians I’ve ever known of,” said Pelosi. “She has always shared her ideas, she has always shared the credit, always tried to help people to succeed with their ideas. Her leaving will be a great loss to the Congress of the United States.”

Here is an example of Senator Boxer being very ‘unselfish’ by demanding an Army brigadier general refer to her as Senator, not ma’am.


Don’t let the door hit you… ma’am.

What are your thoughts on Barbara Boxer retiring? Does it make you choke up a bit as well?