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Gov. Jindal Is Suing the Obama Administration over Common Core


Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is suing the Obama administration for illegally manipulating grant money to force states to adopt Common Core standards.

The Federal government has spent $4.3 billion in a grant program and in federal policy waivers that encourages states to adopt Common Core. Governor Jindal says this violates the state sovereignty clause in the Constitution, which prevents nationalized education.

Jindal said in a statement:

 “The federal government has hijacked and destroyed the Common Core initiative. Common Core is the latest effort by big government disciples to strip away state rights and put Washington, D.C., in control of everything.”

The Obama administration encouraged states to adopt the Common Core standards in the Race to the Top grant program. Two state testing programs received $300 million from the grant program to develop testing material ties to Common Core.

Jindal previously tried to suspend the testing contracts of these programs to prevent Common Core in the classroom, but a state judge prevented the suspension.

Jindal’s lawsuit says that many requirements in the Race to the Top grant program were designed to coerce states to use Common Core, and seeks to prevent the Department of Education from disqualifying states for federal funding if they refuse to use Common Core criteria.

The lawsuit states:

 “Louisiana now finds itself trapped in a federal scheme to nationalize curriculum. What started as good state intentions has materialized into the federalization of education policy through federal economic incentives and duress.”


How many other states will jump on board with Governor Jindal?