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Gov. Scott Walker Just Made a HUGE CHANGE to Welfare- Liberals Are FREAKING OUT


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is running for President, recently proposed a policy that would impose mandatory drug testing for people who received certain types of government aid. It makes sense that if someone truly needs government help, then they should be required to verify they aren’t hurting themselves and spending money on illegal drugs.

Pathetic left wing “religious” leaders in Wisconsin say they are opposed to it. Apparently, activists want to pass out money and handouts to lazy people without strings attached… as long as they keep voting for Democrats.

“In our respective religious traditions poverty and joblessness are not indicators of bad character,” the letter read, addressing Walker’s proposal to drug test recipients of FoodShare, BadgerCare Plus health care and Unemployment Insurance programs. “We do not believe it is just to craft policies that punish those who face these trials while also suffering from the illness of addiction. Nor is it fair to treat those who seek employment, health and nutritional assistance differently than those who need financial help with educational costs, starting a business or obtaining child care.”

Actually, this is about ending the addiction of handouts, and helping people to become self sufficient.

“Drug abuse occurs at all income levels,” the letter stated. “Tying drug testing only to certain forms of public assistance unjustly holds those applicants to a higher standard of accountability than the rest of us.”

“All of our faith traditions teach that human beings are made in the image of God and need to be treated with dignity,” Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, the head of Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice, said. “When you subject people to these shaming procedures that have no efficacy … its only purpose is to shame the poor. That robs people of their dignity and inner godliness. We’re putting up barriers that are keeping people hungry and in poverty, and not addressing their needs.”

via Opposing Views

Most people agree that there should be some kind of safety net for people in need. But far too often, people who are in good health actively choose to not work, as they would rather mooch off of the taxpayers.

This is a simple way to show that the unemployed are at least not doing something to their bodies which could make it impossible for them to find a job.

Gov. Walker is doing the hard work of cracking down on drug users who mooch off the system, and it will save millions of dollars immediately.

Do you support Scott Walker’s welfare crackdown? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.



  1. Randy says:

    To all of those people that think this is a GREAT idea, read the following article and you will see that it is a waste of your tax payer dollars.


  2. Michael says:

    These programs have proven to be huge failures in other states — very few positive tests at the expense of a significant amount of taxpayer money (that IS important to Republicans, isn’t it?). Good.politics, bad economics and bad government. And if it is so important for people who receive taxpayer money to prove they are drug-free, why is this aimed only at poor people. Why shouldn’t Scott Walker have to pee in a cup to collect his paycheck? Doesn’t it pose a bigger threat to the taxpayers if he uses drugs than if a Medicaid recipient uses drugs?

  3. Stanley says:

    Excellent idea by Walker, no one on drugs should get any welfare.

    1. Picklybear says:

      First of all, as Walker said, he has to get a waiver from the Obama administration just like all the other states did. 2nd of all, he is not going to get that waiver just like all the other states got turned down for the same programs. It does not work, it wastes more money than it is worth. He is just looking for a way to get more money from the taxpayers and handing it off to his sponsors.

  4. Mary says:

    Good for him. To All the liberals —-why are you angry–Are you taking dope and paying for it with your ETB card?