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Government Attacks Dentist For Charging Poor Customers Too Little!


Progressives always like to tell you how much they care for the poor. So you’d think they’d love the work of Dr. Ben Burris of Arkansas, a dentist who is offering teeth cleanings to his poorer patients at a heavily discounted rate.

But the truth is, there’s something progressives love more than the poor. It’s called government. And Dr. Burris fell foul of government rules, so he must pay. They are trying to shut down Dr. Burris’ practice.

I could, of course, provide you with the details of the case, except if I did my blood pressure would shoot up to dangerously high levels. If you are properly medicated and sitting down, then click here to see why Dr. Burris is being punished for being kind to his poorer customers.

Thanks to the always awesome Institute for Justice for taking up Dr. Burris’ case. Good luck guys.

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Comments on “Government Attacks Dentist For Charging Poor Customers Too Little!”

  1. Sharon says:

    Nothing our current government does surprises me. And, while they SAY they want to help the poor, liberals only care about one thing, being the ones in control of what goes on.