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Government Came in to Rip This Veteran’s Mine from Him… Then He Called in for Backup!

Just one week ago, I reported on the VA’s attempt to disarm a U.S. Navy Veteran, only to back down after 100 patriots, 2 state representatives and a Sheriff stepped in to stop it. At least at this point in time, it would appear that the same is happening at the White Hope Mine in Helena Forest.


According to the US Forest Service, the Montana mine’s claim was given up by owner George Kornec because in 1985 he filed a critical document one day late. Yes, one day… Because of this, the US Forest Service claims that since the paperwork was filed late, the land and any surface land disturbances come under the Forest Service jurisdiction.

More and more Americans need to wake up to the government trying to seize property from hard working Americans.

Kornec submitted operating plans for the mine that has been in operation since 1920 in an attempt to appease the Forest Service. After submitting these plans, the application was denied by the agency over a garage which offers access to the mine. It is at this point, Kornec alleges that the agency demanded that the garage be removed or that the agency would remove it by force.

According to the DailyMail, a gold mine in Montana has won a reprieve from immediate closure after the armed militia the Oath Keepers stepped in to help save it. He called in the Oath Keepers to act as a ‘buffer’ between the Forest Service and the miners and force the decision to be taken to court.

‘We go over and fight wars in foreign lands; we took an oath all of us vets to protect this county foreign and domestic,’ Kornec told Independent Record.

‘So the war’s over and you come home and you find out you’re fighting the second front, fighting the federal government for your own rights and security.’

He added: ‘It got to the point where we felt we needed additional help, so we contacted Oath Keepers and they graciously came in to back us up.

‘If the Forest Service comes in to try to destroy our property, it won’t happen because they won’t allow it.’

Check out the video report here:

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