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Government Run Healthcare: The VA Did THIS Instead Of Treating Dying Veterans


Hundreds of thousands of veterans have died awaiting care at the VA. These men and women put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms, but the federal government was unable or unwilling to provide them with the benefits they were promised.

Amid scandal swirling around it, the VA decided to open its first transgender clinic. The Louis B. Stokes VA in Cleveland is the first to have a clinic dedicated to helping transgendered veterans. Apparently the Obama administration feels this is the top priority needed to serve veterans who are losing their lives due to mismanagement at the VA.

Dr. Megan McNamara is the clinical lead for the transgender clinic. She reports that over 200 patients are diagnosed with gender dysphoria each year. Compare that number to the many who are actually dying waiting for healthcare at the VA.

Why do you think the VA opened a transgender clinic instead of focusing on the thousands dying without care? Please join the discussion.