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Your Tax Money Built The Worlds Most Expensive Gas Station WHERE?


If you’re reading this, you’re probably already wise to the rampant waste, fraud, and abuse that occurs daily when the government spends your tax dollars.

But here’s a story which, even in these jaded times, will make your eyes water.

The American government, in it’s attempts to rebuild Afghanistan after years of Taliban misrule, spent hundreds of billions¬†in reconstruction efforts. They even built a gas station in the northern city of Sheberghan, something which typically costs $500,000.

Yep, the money Uncle Sam confiscated from your paychecks was used to build a gas station thousands of miles away.

But this gas station cost a little more than the projected $500,000 … after it was all complete, the final bill came in at $43,000,000.¬†That’s right. You paid $43 MILLION for a simple gas station.

And how did the costs get so high? Well, the Department of Defense isn’t saying. Even now, years after the scandal, bureaucrats are remaining tight-lipped over whether it was corruption, graft, or incompetence which resulted on the huge bill.

Maybe we should remember this next time a politician suggest we bomb/invade/help some far away country. It doesn’t come cheap.

For more on this scandal, visit Fox News.

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