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Governor Makes Shocking Accusation About Trump!


The Donald has a special knack for getting the Left (and some on the “right”) to say ridiculous things about him.

Trump’s powers of trolling are formidable.

But I think this statement might take the cake! New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had THIS to say about Trump!

Watch and try not to let your eyes roll too far into your head:

Really? Trump is the reason ISIS is getting recruits? Not the corrupt religion that ISIS ACTUALLY SAYS IS HOW THEY RECRUIT!? Why can’t the left actually admit what is allowing ISIS and terror to thrive?

Now Watch This: Trump tells MORE truth. This time about Hillary.

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Comments on “Governor Makes Shocking Accusation About Trump!”

  1. James says:

    Cuomo, you can say anything youi want about Trump, but Isis calls Obama “the boss” he formed them, funds them and sends our military to their defense.