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Gowdy Insists America Shouldn’t Apologize for Enforcing Immigration Laws

At a Judiciary Committee immigration hearing, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) insisted that America has nothing to apologize for when it comes to enforcing immigration laws.

“A sovereign country should never apologize for having a secure border anymore than this Congress apologizes for having metal detectors at every single entrance point,” he said.

Gowdy went on to accuse the Obama administration of “handcuffing” law enforcement officers.

During his opening statements, Gowdy would also explain that failure to enforce the border “undercuts the very foundation of this Republic.”

“A sustainable immigration solution,” he said, “needs to have mechanisms to ensure that the president … cannot simply turn off the switch on enforcement.”

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Comments on “Gowdy Insists America Shouldn’t Apologize for Enforcing Immigration Laws”

  1. What a novel opinion by Gowdy! Enforce laws and the system WON’T be broken. Why didn’t our President think of that as a “Constitutional Professor?” Oh, I forgot: his copy of the Constitution was tucked away with academic records . . . maybe?