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This Is The Greatest Pro-Second Amendment Sign EVER!


While liberals are doing everything they can to take away the guns of law-abiding citizens, one town in Pennsylvania is throwing that message right back in their faces!

From National Gun Rights:

More and more towns across the country are letting you know, “This is not a gun-free zone.” Conoy, Pennsylvania has a dozen signs on its major roads, letting visitors know that the town’s people are packing heat. Township Supervisor Stephen Mohr says, “What we’re telling people is that when they do come here, they should feel safer knowing that everyone in the township is watching out for them.”

Local news reports:

Drive into tiny Conoy Township, Pa., and you’ll see the standard “welcome” sign, but it also comes with a warning: “THIS IS NOT A GUN FREE ZONE.”

The signs are meant to alert criminals to the fact that many people in the rural Pennsylvania town of 3,000 are armed. A dozen have been installed so far and three more are slated to go up, which would cover every major road into the town. Officials hope the signs give would-be criminals second thoughts before causing trouble.

“I think even those who have bad intentions can read,” Stephen Mohr, one of the township supervisors, told FoxNews.com. He said the town’s five supervisors unanimously decided to put the signs up.

Unfortunately, anti-gun nuts decided to vandalize this sign, showing just how immature they are:

Do you think more towns like this should put up signs showing their support for the 2nd Amendment? Share your thoughts below!