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Grieving Navy SEAL Mom Finally Receives Apology From General Dempsey after He Trivialized Son’s Sacrifice

Dempsey Family

The mother of the first Navy SEAL, Marc Lee, killed in the Iraq War demanded an apology from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey after a remark he made that the fall of the city Ramadi to Islamic State militants would not be “symbolic in any way.”

And on Monday, she got just that.

“I’ve read your letter, and I do apologize if I’ve added to your grief,” Dempsey said to Gold Star mom Debbie Lee, according to Fox News.

Martin Dempsey

General Martin Dempsey needs to review his history and consider using appropriate language when making comments regarding battlefields before he comments. He is another high paid, out-of-touch advisor, and ‘yes man’ for the current administration.

Here is the letter sent by Dempsey to Lee:


Ms. Lee, let me say thank you for furnishing such a patriot as your son to this country. We are so sorry for your loss, and am so proud of warriors like your son and so many others, who knowingly put their lives and their future in harm’s way protecting me, mine, and all of America every day.

Perhaps it may steel your mind to realize that anyone appointed by this administration to the position occupied by General Dempsey would only be appointed if the administration were convinced he/she was a “kindred spirit” in how he/she views this country, its founding, and the warriors that they “lead.”

Watch Debbie Lee’s interview below:

H/T: Fox News

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